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Photos of the Week

A selection of the best photos from Facebook group members

Location: Warrens hall nature reserve

Went for an early walk as it was a gorgeous morning and I was amazed how much mist there was about and didnt expect that so it was a bonus as light through mist usually always looks good .
That morning I went light and had taken my Sony RX100 MK7 and zoomed out and snapped this photo and I think it turned out ok and the sun through the mist definitely turned an average shot into a much more pleasing shot in my opinion.

Photo Credit: Scott Duffy, Birmingham Photography Group

Location: North of Manilla, N.S.W.

This Pee wee was one of a nesting pair, the Brown Falcon strayed a bit too close to their tree, and was seen off in no uncertain manner! With all the wet weather we've been having, nesting season has been a bit hit-and-miss lately, but these two are very committed!

Photo Credit: Chris Plevey, Sunshine Coast Photography Group

Location: Aspen, Colorado

This photo was taken on a backpacking trip where we got 4 of snow in the middle of the night at 10,000 ft elevation..

Photo Credit: Pat Varva, Salt Lake City Photography Group

Location: My back yard Nambour

No back story I just love searching my backyard for tiny animals to photograph.

Photo Credit: Phillip johnson, Sunshine Coast Photography Group

Location: Okahu Bay Wharf, Orakei.

Taken with Sony a7riv Sony FE 70-200mm GM ii
F5.6 shot 85 sec ISO125 160MM
8th October 2022 540am

Photo Credit: Thum Promtrai Facebook: Thum Promtrai, Auckland Photography Group

Location: From Egremont promenade.

This was taken while enjoying an early morning walk along the promenade with the dog just as the began to rise and reflecting of a calm River Mersey

Photo Credit: David Mansell, Liverpool Photography Group

Location: Mount Falcon Park Colorado

This picture was taken on top of Mount Falcon in Colorado. I hiked to this spot and waiting for the sun to set in the perfect spot over the Rocky Mountains. It was my first time seeing the sun set over the mountains and my first time in Colorado. Really enjoyed this one.

Photo Credit: Orlando Jones, Palm Bay Photography Group

Location: Richmond, British Columbia Canada

Richmond B.C. Marshlands

Photo Credit: Manny Gill, Vancouver Photography Club

Location: Midlothian Texas USA

The Hunters Harvest Moon - 10092022
This lunar image is called a Mineral Moon. The image is a result of 14 photos taken 5 seconds apart, cropped, stacked then processed in Adobe LightRoom and Topaz Denoise to bring out the natural colors of the mineral deposits on the moon.
Equipment used - Sony A7R3, Sigma 150-600mm lens.

Photo Credit: Randy Van de Loo Facebook: Twilight Imagery, Dublin Photography Group

Location: Perranporth beach

This photo was taken as i watch the sunset at Perranporth beach there was a whole line of people doing the same thing and these guys was standing in front of me at the time

Photo Credit: Wayne Fowler, Chelmsford Photography Group

Location: Brighton

Taken in Brighton gardens. Yellow eye with spots is the highlight of this flying flower. This beautiful thing did not move for a while for me to capture it perfectly

Taken using Nikon Z6, 105mm with little LR edit

Photo Credit: Ivan Jeffrey, Brighton Photography Group

Location: Penarth

The clouds were good and the light

Photo Credit: Paul Rees, Swansea Photography Group

Location: Grand Canal Dock in Dublin

The forecast accurately predicted the conditions for a great sunrise. As there was a little bit of wind, I used a 20 second exposure and a Neutral Density filter to smooth out the water and improve the reflections.

Photo Credit: Andrew Keating, Dublin Photography Group

Location: Second Valley

this Photo I take on Saturday, 23 July 2022, 64506 PM !
on that day I decided to go to the Second valley , I was all alone the whole night there, it was one of my best experience in Nights Photography .
I come back home with 600 Photos.
the setting is
Sony a7iii
Samyang 18mm f2.8

and I edited with Photoshop CC and Lightroom

Photo Credit: J.Mones Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comj.Mones.Arts, Adelaide Photography Group

Location: Innsbrook Missouri

This was part of a national fireworks championship held annually called Skywars.

Photo Credit: Kurt Kirchmer Facebook: Kurt Kirchmer Photography, St Louis Photography Group

Location: Albuquerque NM

This photo was taken Sunday October 2nd 2022 at the Albuquerque NM Balloon Fiesta.
My Husband wanted to have a nice beautiful Date for us so we decided to Go to the Balloon Fiesta which was so beautiful the morning was perfect just as the Balloons were.

Photo Credit: Cristal Chavez, Albuquerque Photography Group

Location: Top of the Lincolnshire Wolds

A proper structured campaign over 18 months with many many failures until I captured this image

Photo Credit: Peter Sawyer, Lincolnshire Photography Group

Location: Bognor Regis North Bersted

I took this picture by phone on a family walk

Photo Credit: Asia Asia, Chichester Photography Group

Location: Digswell Lake

During the walk round Digswell Lake i heard that bird. I took good 10mins to position close enough to take the shot and there it is.

Photo Credit: Leszek Walczak Facebook: Lesswall photography, Hertfordshire Photography Group

Location: Dublin City - Sean O'Casey bridge

The direction of the morning sun rise only lines up with the mouth of the River Liffey on a couple of days each year - in October and March. At these times, the river is lit up with beautiful golden light. It was a real pleasure to capture this sunrise event on 2 October 2022.

The photo was taken with a Canon R6 camera paired with an EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM lens mounted on a tri-pod. It was captured at 24mm, f13, 1200th second and ISO 1250. Only minor editing in Lightroom was applied.

Photo Credit: Andrew Keating, Dublin Photography Group
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