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Photos of the Week

A selection of the best photos from Facebook group members

Location: Point Vernon, Hervey Bay

This is where 10 Months of Hobby Photography has gotten me to I guess. I am always exploring both locations & techniques with my photos & the two combined to create this picture. It is a long exposure playing around with layered filters & very little photo editing.

The location is one of my favourites & on this day the clouds after the rain, the fire & smoke in the air & the tide times all seemed to want to work. I have a simple saying in life, Universe it just wanted to happen for me.

Photo Credit: Damian Bergmann, Hervey Bay Photography Group

Location: Burley, Hampshire

The most embarrassing moment...

This image was taken on October 14th in the New Forest at first light around 7am in a very dense morning fog. I had never seen a stag in the wild and as my friend Gary had a good knowledge of where to find them, we met in the woods in the dark of the night and simply proceeded to walk toward the bellowing by ear, in full camo outfit and as silent as we could possibly manage. We finally spotted the distant figure of the deer through a very dense fog and separated, ambushing in the ferns and bushes and hoping the stag would simply walk in front of us.

Just as I was getting in position, the alarm clock on my phone, which I had forgotten - went off! The worst rookie mistake conceivable... I scrambled in panic and embarrassment to kill the alarm, sure the stag would simply run away but instead, he immediately began to walk straight towards me coming so close that for a moment I really began to consider my escape route and where the nearest solid tree was but shooting continuously all that time. I actually shot 442 frames within the 3 or 4 minutes the encounter lasted, filling my memory card as fast as my 13-frame buffer would let me.

The deer stopped about 25metres away from me, looking directly at my hide, and bellowing in alarm there. This is when I had a handful of good shots including this one. I don't think he was actually able to see me but he definitely was aware of the DSLR on continuous shooting!

I was using a canon 70D and a canon 400mm f5.6 prime lense my birthday gift from the week before on a monopod no image stabilization and at this distance, I got a number of shots where the stag fills the frame pretty tightly. Besides, being so close, the fog did not totally kill the colours or contrast and a boost of contrast and saturation in Gimp is all that was needed afterwards in post-prod. Despite the fog, this golden hour was in fact a very nice and luminous morning. Shooting at f5.6 full open, 1320s and ETTR13, electronic noise proved very contained too especially as the subject was filling the frame.

Luck of the beginner it was the first time I saw a stag in the wild one of the most exciting moments of my wildlife photography and because everything went my way distance, attitude, light, lense, settings... it also turned out to be my two best wildlife pictures so far... with a funny, yet very embarrassing back story to tell at dinners!

Photo Credit: Arnaud Frenchy Doolittle, Bournemouth Photography Group

Location: Victoria Lake, Shepparton, VIC

You would find me in the gym in the mornings and being in lockdown had to come with an alternative. One of my friends and I decided to go on walk while able to enjoy the nature on the same time. On the very next day on a our first walk the rising sun and reflection of the trees caught my eye. I couldnt resist myself and straightaway pulled out my phone and clicked the view. It was a different experience in itself of not being inside the gym and able to view the beautiful of nature.

Photo Credit: Himanshu Sachdeva, Bendigo Photography Group

Location: Primbee Pier Primbee NSW

This image was taken at 8am on a stormy Wollongong morning. The rain managed to stop for 15 minutes and I had never been at this location not where the pier was anyways
Allthough I only moved to Oak Flats 2 years ago, I have been keen to capture this pier for some time.


Photo Credit: David Leuver, Wollongong Photography Group

Location: Colter Bay Jackson Lake Grand Teton NP

Early evening on June 3, 2021 along the shore of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. After a week of very cloudy evenings we had finally gotten a break for a few nights and we spent our last night relaxing on the beach. Not expecting to take photos, I wasn't very prepared as I left my tripod at camp. The stone beach acted as my tripod on this shot. Can't wait to get back.

Photo Credit: Dave Costantino, Buffalo Photography Group

Location: Farne Islands, Northumberland, UK

The Grace Darling Lighthouse, Northumberland coast. Grace Darling was one of the Victorian era's most celebrated heroines. On 7 September 1838, she risked her life to rescue the stranded survivors of the wrecked steamship Forfarshire, a feat of bravery which changed her life dramatically.

Photo Credit: cyd hindle, Cheshire Photography Group

Location: South Perth Foreshore

Photo was taken across Lake Hurlingham at the end of Hurlingham Street in South Perth, about 5.15 in the morning. Looks like there is only a tiny strip of land between the lake and the river. In fact, the strip is wider than it looks, with the city lights beyond.
Taken on a Canon 6D with 16 - 35mm lens. Settings were lens at 35mm, 200 ISO at f16 for 30seconds.

Photo Credit: Stuart Meachem Facebook: Stuart Meachem, Perth Photography Group

Location: New York,Manhattan, Top of the Rock

View to the central park from Top of the Rock

Photo Credit: EMIN KULIYEV Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comemin.kuliyev.54, The Bronx Photography Group

Location: Glencoe Valley

This image is from the Sept 2020 road trip to Skye. This is the Achnambeithach Cottage situated on the A82 towards Glencoe. Plenty of free parking both off it's a bit lumpy so be aware of your front end and exhaust and roadside which is on the right if heading for Glencoe village.
W3Ws address additives.united.glows
This location can get very busy, so be patient if looking for the ideal spot I wasn't too lucky! never mind I still got a shot.
Cameraimage info Canon 5D MkIII - 24mm TSE 3.5III Tilt Shift lens f11 - 130s - ISO100 - 0.9 ND Grad. Manual mode and the lens is manual focus only.
Method - panorama with 5 focus stacked sections 15 portrait images, making up 5 portrait stacks of 3 files, each image having their own 'focal points' bottom, middle & top and then the 5 stacks stitched together to make a final image cropped to A3 size 19 x 13.
a car parked outside the door has been removed along with a few tourists who were wondering aimlessly about!.

Photo Credit: Mike McHugh, Northampton Photography Group

Location: Ranger Lakes, State Forest State Park, Colorado

We stopped by these lakes in the early morning after some rain showers. The water was calm and the clouds parted to reveal the mountain peak ridge. The whole scene only lasted a few minutes.
Pentax K1-2 Pentax DA 18-250 1500 f13 22mm ISO100

Photo Credit: Tom Boggs, Omaha Photography Group

Location: Pyrmont Bridge Sydney Australia

Canon 5d Mark IV Lens 24-105mm F22 Exposure Time 0020 ISO 100 this photo was retouched in Adobe Camera Raw and made basic adjustments.
History On the night of October 6 2021, the streets were the firmament of my feet and the perfect angle for my eye to approach the viewfinder of my camera and capture the blurring of the different colours that collide with the delicate layer of water, and so we can see this wonderful image that shows us this place from the angle of the Bridge, in which the multitude of people who pass from east to west circulate and do not stop to observe each brushstroke that makes up the architectural art of this place called Darling Harbour.

Photo Credit: Jhon Torrado Facebook: Jhon Torrado, Eastern Suburbs Photography Group

Location: Elesmer Port

This was taken in Ellemere Port Blue Planet Aquarium where they have a very large viweing window. I was taken by the light coming in from the top giving the shark an eerie glow.

Photo Credit: Cyd Hindle, Cheshire Photography Group

Location: Taken from the skywalk over Light Street between the Hyatt Regency Parking Garage and the Light Street Pavilion.

Taken with a Nikon D3000, January 23, 2015, ISO 100, f11, 13 seconds, 18 mm. It was brutally cold, and the traffic control officers kept stopping traffic at the Conaway Street light just south of me. The constant stopping of traffic really messed with a 13 second exposure not allowing for a smooth flow of traffic. I would have images with cars actually stopped when they had a green light. I finally got this image after about 20 minutes of waiting.

Photo Credit: Greg Wareheim, Baltimore Photography Group

Location: King Edward Park, Newcastle ,NSW

First Storm of the season, was picking my wife up from a picnic at King Edward Park , through my camera bag into the car just in case and the front rolled in right on queue.

Photo Credit: Matt Person, Newcastle Photography Group

Location: St Monans harbour, Fife

Taken during a recent trip to the Fife coast, this quirky composition just needed something a bit to lift it. I think the black and white effect does just that and adds a certain mood to scene

Photo Credit: Will Bartle Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comwillbartlephotography, Bolton Photography Group

Location: Bar Harbor Maine

On my first Fall trip to Maine, I wanted to see Acadia National Park. During my four-day stay, I passed by this location each day and I loved the colors but the sky was overcast each time I passed. However, on my final day visiting Acadia National Park and getting nothing but fog for sunrise at Cadilac Mountain, I headed back to my RV Campground to pack up and get ready to leave.

Not even thinking about this location I started driving by and as I glanced over, I hit the brakes and turned around. I took several images with my Sony A7Riii but I didn't have a wide enough lens to get the composition I wanted. So I broke out my Sony RX100 VII and took the shot at f4 1500 15mm. Once I started processing the raw file, I realized this was going to be my favorite image from the six-week road trip. I get to enjoy the image every day as a 24x36 print hanging above my fireplace.

Photo Credit: Jeff Slapp Facebook: @RVPhotoTraveler, Sarasota Photography Group

Location: Palisades State Park, South Dakota

This shot was taken on a recent camping trip to South Dakota. It wasn't supposed to rain at all, but nature had different plans for us. There was finally a break in the weather and I climbed up a 50ft soaking wet Queen's Tower, in the middle of the park and took this pic. Made the trip worth it, lol.
Camera Sony A6400 Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens.
Hand held, Settings F5.6 1160 ISO100
JesseCarlbergPhotography.com for more.

Photo Credit: Jesse Carlberg Facebook: jcarlberg, Omaha Photography Group

Location: Hunter Valley

My Grandson and my Dog Milly were born on the same day 03102016 so I created this image to celebrate their birthday &127881

Photo Credit: Western Sydney Dog Lovers Photography, Sydney Photography Group

Location: Birmingham

Saturday evening just after 7, it was Pride weekend and the whole town was full of life & colour. I was walking back home and noticed this amazing sky illuminating the whole city it was amazing &128522

Photo Credit: Alex Tzotzis, Birmingham Photography Group

Location: Byron Bay

Being from the Central Coast, NSW originally from England we came to Byron Bay on holiday with the intention of possibly looking at relocating later on.
Having family in Lismore gave us the desire to move further north.

With Covid and the demands of being a Paramedic during a pandemic, my photography went on hiatus. Being in Byron was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with a hobby that not only is great for an escape and my mental health, but something I love to do.

The last few sunrises I managed to capture were all a but lacklustre so I wasn't expecting anything special. I just wanted the opportunity to head out and experience the local area before the rest of the tourists woke up and flooded the town.
Needless to say, sunrise didn't disappoint! I managed to get the drone up and shoot this shot of Cape Byron Lighthouse.
Over the week that I was in Byron, I managed to get shots of the area on both my drone and DSLR and that holiday gave me some of my favourite shots to date.

Whenever I am in Byron Bay, I always feel free and relaxed. A feeling I haven't managed to really capture elsewhere in Australia.

Who knows, next year you may have a new Paramedic from the Central Coast moving your way!

Photo Credit: Thom Newman Facebook: Thom Newman Photography, Byron Bay Photography Group
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