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Photos of the Week

A selection of the best photos from Facebook group members

Location: San Mateo County Fair

Spent a fun evening at the San Mateo County Fair hanging out with our fellow Santa Clara Photography Group members. We focused on long-exposure shots of the Carnival Midway section, with fun rides like Yo-yo, Shake-up, Ring of Fire, Area 51 and Cliff Hanger.

Sony a7RIV
Sony FE 20mm f1.8 G
f7.1, ISO 64-100, 2-6 seconds

Photo Credit: Scott Eriksen, Santa Clara Photography Group

Location: Columbia Bottom Reservation

Willow is a little girl of adventure! Ever discovering the new of the world. With a love for flowers. This was Willows first adventure where the flowers were larger than life Sunflower Fields Forever


Photo Credit: Peter Edwards, St Louis Photography Group

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Photo of an Aztec dancer performing at the Mabee Center Pow Wow in Tulsa prior to the virus shutting down all public events. The Pow Wow was located indoors so I used a high ISO to avoid flash photography. My aperture was 5.6 as I did not want the background to be completely blurry.

Nikon D7100

Photo Credit: Alice McCann, Tulsa Photography Group

Location: Dalmore Rd Cardinia

Was out on the hunt to capture some nice clouds after sunset and spotted the amazing moon rise on the way home so quickly pulled over to get the shot ! Taken with a Canon 90d and 70 300 usm ii lens

Photo Credit: Reg Casey, Melbourne Photography Group

Location: Soldiers Point NSW

I am lucky to live by the coast with its many interesting features. I love sunrises and sunsets as they have the most interesting colours. I chose this location as it has great leading lines and the lighthouse in the background. I was lucky to have the cloud formation as this adds drama and colour. I used a canon m50 with samyang f2.8 ultrawide lens. Settings where f16 iso100 160. I used the higher f stop as I dont have a filter. I did some post processing in lightroom.

Photo Credit: Ben Stewart, Central Coast Photography Group

Location: Wildwood N.J.

Through the years my family and I have visited wildwood. I have been taking pictures with a lower quality camera. I decided to get a better camera and take different pictures. So this time while i Wildwood I thought i would get up early and take some sunrises pictures. While on the beach i thought why don't I take a picture of rollercoaster and Ferris wheel with the sun rising in the back round.
So I did and tweaked it a little in Lightroom. Photo was taken at 110 of a sec. at an f of 4.8, ISO of 100 focal length of 50mm on a Nikon D7200

Photo Credit: Joel A Fuschino, Albany Photography Group

Location: Kearnsey Abbey, Dover

Kearnsey Abbey is a location that I had been planning to visit for a while.
I wanted to combine the ethereal beauty of a long exposure of a
waterfall with a stunning man made piece of architecture and landscaping.
With perfect weather for the shot, I felt that I could capture the illusion of two worlds moving in different time frames simultaneously.
I hope that I have done that and that the intended magic is there for the viewer.

Photo Credit: Jason P Hall, Canterbury Photography Group

Location: Launceston, Cornwall.

Launceston is my hometown and I constantly search for different viewpoints of our Norman Castle, this was taken from Roydon Road full frame 80mm at ISO 64 f7.1, 2.5 seconds. I do much of my shooting early in the morning as the town wakes up and early birds are going to work, this was taken in September 2018. I processed it recently on photoshop and camera raw. The image was very busing in the foreground and I had to get rid of a parked car and road white lines etc.

Photo Credit: David Perry, Cornwall Photography Group

Location: Maryville, TN

Carnival in town always exciting event, even in the middle of Pandemic! It was beautiful moment to watch people moving up in the air and sun going down.

Photo Credit: Irina Sennikova, Knoxville Photography Group

Location: Hamilton View Point Park

438 am. July 18th.
2 minute exposure

Photo Credit: Jackson Lo, Seattle Photography Group

Location: Goat Island Light, Newport, RI.

After returning home from work, I wanted to go out and take some evening photos. I observed the softly lighted clouds in the sky. I wanted to take a photo with something that Newporters would recognize with respect to the sky. I chose the Goat Island Light as my subject. After I established the composition, I decided that a long exposure would be best.
Details Exposure time 30 seconds, ISO 100, Aperature 4.5

Photo Credit: Kevin Bruff, Providence Photography Group

Location: Tumbarumba NSW

I was on my way home from footy training with my kids and saw this incredible sunset. I just fell in love with this sight after seeing nothing but rain clouds for weeks

Photo Credit: Sarah harris, Wagga Photography Group

Location: Hamilton lake Domain

Didn't think twice to pull out my camera to capture this amazing view while walking on the lake. mothernature

Photo Credit: Dennis Sanchez, Hamilton Photography Group

Location: Auckland

Auckland Harbour Bridge during the Matariki Festival lightshow

Photo Credit: Dihang Wu, Auckland Photography Group

Location: Point Loma

Taken fron Pt. Loma.

Photo Credit: Ron Hazlewood, San Diego Photography Group

Location: Elk Grove

Light painting with the neighbors on the 4th

Photo Credit: Matt Vahle, Sacramento Photography Group

Location: Key West, Florida

Sailboat Sunset Cruise of the Keys with my goal being to shoot the sunset in between the two sailboats, after several attempts-I believe I got it!

Photo Credit: Tony Canchola, Tucson Photography Group

Location: Delco Park, Kettering Ohio

Watching the Fireworks over Delco Park, Shot with my Nikon D750 and 50mm F1.4G

Photo Credit: Logan Davison, Dayton Photography Group

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

I visit the Burrowing Owls regularly. This particular day, there were two Burrowing Owls sitting together in a Mesquite Tree. I thought the tree setting added great composition to the Burrowing Owls capture.

Photo Credit: Beverly DeMartino, Phoenix Photography Group

Location: Waryas Park, Poughkeepsie NY

I took this photo on Fourth of July back in 2013. I had my tripod on the rocks of the waterfront park to take long exposure firework photos. After the big finale, my friends hurried to pack up to beat the crowds leaving the park, trying to rush me along. But I had two more shots I wanted to get while I was set up. I took one photo of the bridge completely defocused to bokeh balls, and I did the same shot focused on the bridge. That was this shot.
Gear was a basic Vivitar three way tripod, Canon T3i, EF 50mm f1.8 ii 80mm full frame equivalent.
Settings were 6 second shutter to blur the water and get low ISO of 400, and an aperture of f4.5 for adequate depth of field and supposedly the lens' sweet spot for sharpness, and blurred out the foreground. Beginner gear can get great results when used with a tripod!

Photo Credit: David Degnan, Poughkeepsie Photography Group
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