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Location: Milwaukee Art Museum, Downtown Milwaukee Lakefront

I have lived in Milwaukee for over 38 years and have always been a big fan of art as well as architecture. When ever I am in Downtown. The art museum always catches my eye with its unique ship like design. For this particular shot I went out early in the morning about an hour before sunrise. With my handheld light meter in hand I took 3 shots one with even exposure and two - 1 exposure compensation at 45 seconds with an ISO of 400 and aperture set at 25. After merging the three shots in Lightroom and some minor touchups for spots. I increased the claritytexture and used the dehaze feature.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Iushewitz Tamajen Productions

Location: Boston

It was a rainy, foggy evening and I wanted to image this location. It wasnt easy to do so due to rain.My lens was keep getting water droplets, foggy, and was creating glare so I had to keep cleaning the lens while holding an umbrella. It was pretty difficult but with the rain and fog it really looked nice so did my best to capture this. That was my first time shooting in rain. For this image a 6400 camera and Sony Gmaster 16-34 mm lens, at f 8, 3.2 second, iso 650, 16 mm.

Photo Credit: Lewis Ertan

Location: Wades Rd, Whitford.

A quick stop on foggy Tuesday morning on the way to Whitford. The auburn coloured trees peaking through the fog means we aren't too far from winter in New Zealand.

Photo Credit: Thum

Location: Hancock Park, Windsor drive

I spent my entire career working in Hollywood 25 years at Paramount Studios and I have a great love for the History and places and events that happened in and around it. I decided to spend a day on a hunt for the best Hollywood Sign Picture. This was my first is very small, in the distance, but if you look closely, you can the famous Hollywood sign.

Photo Credit: David Jolley

Location: Cabezon peak, NM

Fixing a wounded heart, with the beauty in the places I find in New Mexico.

1215am Cabezon peak,New Mexico.


Photo Credit: Nik Monclova Niki Bobby

Location: Kaena Point,Oahu

The Layson Albatross have a protected space on Oahu, Visitors are allowed in this gated area. Here an Albatross kept flying towards me and around me, sneaking up from hiding areas in the bushes. Its been a goal of mine to take the 2hr hike to see and photograph them.
Canon R5, 100-500mm Lens shot at 500mm, you dont want to get to close and disturb the Habitat at F7.1 and 12500 sec.

Photo Credit: Robert Hernandez

Location: Kilgore Lewis House

This photo was taken at the Kilgore Lewis house in downtown Greenville. I used a vintage macro Lens on my Nikon DSLR . The settings were, 1125 ISO 100 f3.5
My sister and I wanted to get out and take pictures of flowers and I wanted to show her one of my favorite spots where the flowers were in bloom since it was nice out. The photo is actually a double exposure that I did in post processing . The light was just perfect coming through the trees to give me some white bokeh and a soft blur background. I wasnt to worried about it being perfectly centered because honestly Im more of a gal that loves things more asymmetrical. Most of my other images I like to single things out and give it the true Recognition it deserves.

Photo Credit: Erica Ward

Location: New Forest Wildlife Center

One of about two dozen taken from inside a glass enclosure, as the mice are constantly running around.

Photo Credit: Grahame Duke

Location: Edwin Warner Park, Nashville, TN

This is a chipmunk that I shot through some heavy brush in low light on the morning of May 2, 2021 at Edwin Warner Park behind the pond as I was walking a narrow trail in search of wildlife to photograph. This chipmunk noticed me and froze in this pose. I slowly raised my camera and captured one frame before it darted for covered

Photo Credit: Earl Hollywood

Location: Santa Clara Ranch in McCook, Texas

My passion for photography began during summer competitions at Quinta Mazatlan-Southern Exposures Nature Photo Contests. I was also involved in 4-H club and participated in photography contests. Through 4-H, I was given the opportunity to take a photography workshop at Santa Clara Ranch in McCook, Texas. I took this photo at the ranch, of this male Cardinal bathing in the watering hole. I quickly learned that the trick was not just taking the perfect photo, but it was by opening my imagination to the world around me and finding the beauty in everyday life. My passion has taught me to love animals in nature and I realized the importance of preserving life even if through the lens of a camera. Thanks and Gig'Em. Annette Alanis.
2016, Canon EOS 6D, f5.6, 11250 sec, ISO 1000, 400mm

Photo Credit: Annette Alanis

Location: Load Bearing Studios, Santa Ana - CA

This photograph is part of a series of images that I am working on as a project that provide homeless people some dignity by taking them out from their environment.
This photograph was shot in a studio with Yashica Mat 124 G, using Ilford FP4 Plus Black & White Film.
Camera settings Shutter Speed 1125s f8 ISO 125
1 Strobe light, Octobox with Grid and a vFlat.

Photo Credit: Mustapha El Basri

Location: Mount Vernon, WA

It's strange, without communicating much since the 90s, my brother and I both developed a passion for photography. I was on the east coast and he was here in Seattle. I came out to visit him a couple years ago and we did a little photography tour in the PNW, it totally blew me away. In 2020 so many things happened - the pandemic, I had health issues and I wasn't happy with my career. I decided to move to Seattle, I am loving it and very happy I made the move.

Photo Credit: Tim Tully

Location: Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm - Woodburn

Im still rather new to photography and have been trying to capture the beauty of Oregon in all its forms. After 6 years of being an Oregon resident, I finally visited this beautiful staple. I was overwhelmed with its beauty and couldnt stop snapping pictures with both my dlsr and film camera. I am ecstatic with the way they turned out.

Photo Credit: Tracy Moore

Location: St Annes Pier, Lytham

Local guy, sunset chaser, camera lover! &128248

Photo Credit: Dan Edmonds

Location: Taken a Christleton Village Pond Nr Chester

This was taken a sunset and the light was quite good. This Goose was coming in to land for the night I presume and had just a moment to capture the landing. I was lucky to get the light variation and a treasonably sharp image given the time I had to focus.

Photo Credit: Cyd Hindle

Location: Manchester

Some see a weed I see a wish !

Photo Credit: Elizabeth scanlon

Location: Malibu

I'm often fascinated with how nature interact and react. This rock has an interesting shape and erosion has obviously played a hand in it's current shape. In time, it will disappear. The seagull sit on the rich as if it's a permanent fixture, but what seems like a steadfast object often is only a superficial facade. Life is fleeting and we have to seize the moment.

Photo Credit: Tony Wu

Location: Arroyo Seco, Pasadena, CA

Taken on a walk home from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, these two bridges have quite a history in Pasadena. On the left is the iconic Colorado Street Bridge, part of the original Route 66. To the right is the 134 Freeway Bridge, which took the load off the historic bridge. Nikon D500 with Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art Lens

Photo Credit: Roland Wilhelm

** Photo of the Day **

Photo Credit: Alan Branch PhotoArt 360

Location: River Torrens looking to the city

A view of Adelaide city over the reflections on the River Torrens taken shortly before the dawn service for Anzac Day. I waited for a bird to cause a ripple over the water to enhance the visual impact of the scene. The key was to wait for the cloud cover to come across the sky.
So important to be patient and wait for the environment to change. This adds to the uniqueness of the photograph and the photographer's frustration when some parts of the landscape picture did not fall into place. Luckily on this day the environment was kind.
Taken with a Nikon D850 , tripod, f.3.2, 1800 sec Tamron G2 70 200 lens and vertical panorama and focus stacking. Post production in Lightroom and Photoshop with saturation of colours. Website

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** Photo of the Day **

Photo Credit: Craig Kratovil

Location: Providence, RI

A well-known landmark, the iconic Power Station, shot in the days best light. Color and toning were adjusted to enhance it's majestic, industrial character.

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