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A selection of the best photos from Facebook group members

Location: South Wales

Whilst out delivering school photo's I was able to be in the right place at the right time and capture this beautiful landscape shot as I drove across the Welsh Valley's

Photo Credit: Robert Hackman Facebook: Robert Hackman, Bristol Photography Club

Location: Applecross

Applecross is full bloom at the moment . The whole area looks spectacular with many streets lined up with Jacarandas.

Photo Credit: Sanja, Perth Photography Group

Location: South Wales

Whilst out delivering school photo's I was able to be in the right place at the right time and capture this beautiful landscape shot as I drove across the Welsh Valley's

Photo Credit: Robert Hackman Facebook: Robert Hackman, Bristol Photography Club

Location: Aldridge Gardens, Hoover AL

Hung out for about a half hour at Aldridge Gardens before the sun went completely down. It was a little dark for action freezing, high shutter speed kind of shooting, so I kept my shutter between 11000 and 11600 and used ISO6400 as a maximum ISO to keep the noise down since I generally have to crop in a bit for wildlife. I lucked out on a few shots.

Photo Credit: Duane Eues, Birmingham Photography Group

Location: Wapping

This picture I took one afternoon while walking down the Thames beach in Wapping with my partner. It was a special afternoon for both of us, and our surroundings felt magical.

Photo Credit: Gabriele Marras, East London Photography Group

Location: Residence Inn by Marriott Weehawken Port Imperial

I drove to NJ for skyline night shots of New York. It was so cold by the water I kept having to go back to the car to warm up. This put me behind and as 10 pm rolled around I called my wife and told her I did not think it was a good idea to drive back. So I stayed at the residence in. After parking my car in the garage 5th floor. I walked over to the edge and took this shot.

Talking with one of the porters at around 630am he said something I had not heard before. He said, 'you can't see New York, from New York.

Photo Credit: Brian T. Anderson Facebook: briantandersonphotography, Harrisburg Photography Group

Location: Lavender Bay Boat Ramp

During my recent 'bioluminescence' chase around Sydney, I had visited the lavender bay jetty for the first time. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the bioluminescence but I found this gem of a view of The Harbour Bridge.

Taken on Canon EOS 200D with 10-18mm lens.
ISO 100 f5 10 mm 8 Sec

Photo Credit: Sourav Biswas Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comsobisw, Parramatta Photography Group

Location: McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

I have been into landscape photography for awhile and for about a year got into it a lot more, I have several reasons but the main one is I am a type one diabetic and blind in one eye so I want to capture the Beauty of nature before I am not able to see it any longer or not able to get around as easy as I can now.

Photo Credit: Carlton cruz Facebook: Cruz carlton, Fresno Photography Group

Location: Blackbutt Reserve, Newcastle

Few days before I was taking some maternity photos from Blackbutt reserve, Newcastle. Every time when I go there I can see so many peacocks walking there and there. But this time I believe these peacocks were waiting for me to reveal their beauty. I took more than 200 photos of peacocks in a single day.
Now I believe more than knowing photography I am the luckiest one.

Photo Credit: Adarsh Mohan, Newcastle Photography Group

Location: Wentworth, South Yorkshire

A beautiful autumn day, exploring the folly, close to the drovers trail in Wentworth

Photo Credit: Matthew Jenkins Facebook: Matt John, Doncaster Photography Group

Location: Roddlesworth Woods

This is Roddlesworth Woods at Tockholes in Lancashire, one of our many rambling spots that we explore during our twice weekly outings in the countryside, fresh air & Beauty always hits the spot , you can see many of our outings on Lancashirewalks

Photo Credit: Grant Robertson Facebook: Grant John Robertson, Bolton Photography Group

Location: Paddy's River Falls

A short drive to from Wagga, about 10 minutes from Tumbarumba lays this beautiful waterfall, after the rain we have had I couldn't not go for a drive! The sound was insane and the photo does not do justice to the shear amount of water!

Photo Credit: Josef winkler, Wagga Photography Group

Location: New River Gorge

This was taken from the old Fayette Station bridge which was built in 1889. It's below the New River Gorge visitor center

Photo Credit: Randy, Raleigh Photography Group

Location: Alton Road, Nautilus area

I was visiting Miami from Pensacola last week and was desperate to shoot the city's beautiful skyline since we're devoid of any urban beauty in the panhandle. This was the only night I had to shoot, so I was lucky to capture what I did! Especially since, unbeknownst to me, the area I was shooting on is considered private property and the security staff ousted me from the area within five minutes of setting up my tripod!

Photo Credit: Kevin Roth Facebook: KV Ro, Miami Photography Group

Location: Wakehurst

We were travelling back to Birmingham from a weekend away in Brighton and wanted to take some autumnal pics. Stopped off at Wakehurst at just the right time of day! &127809
Taken on a Samsung S20 with a wide angle lens.

Photo Credit: Amanda Starling, Birmingham Photography Group

Location: Chicago Botanic Garden

I was at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Monday November 8, 2021 with a few girlfriends. It was a beautiful day for November with a high in the low 60's. We were on the Japanese Island looking back at the Main Land, Mother Nature was putting on her best display ever. The sky and the water show cased the fall colors of the trees and shrubs beautifully. I ws lucky enough to capture the moment.

Photo Credit: Lin Hartnett Facebook: Lin Hartnett, Chicago Photography Group

Location: Stirling Range National Park, WA

I live close to the Stirling Range National Park in Western Australia and often drive out to the centre of the park where there is a place called Central Lookout. I time it to arrive there 10 minutes before sunset so I have time to climb the hill and get a 360 view of the Park stretching down to the Albany coast and up to the far north through the majestic mountains. My father brought me here as a child, carrying me up the different peaks and giving me a love for this wonderful place with its distinct ecological flavor. I savor those moments, breathing in the refreshing mountain air before climbing down in the dark and driving home. What a treasure!

Photo Credit: Genevieve Milnes Facebook: Genevieve Milnes, Albany Photography Group

Location: Cottesleo Beach

The idea was to take some unique compositions. The horizon was covered with a thin layer of clouds, and I was hoping for some colors. Then those seaguls came in to quench some thirst of water, and a homo sapien was coming out of the seas. That was a perfect shot for mea great story to tell.
Settings F 1.8, Shutter 1100s, ISO 80
The image was later on tuned in the lightroom.

Photo Credit: Shahbaz Khan Facebook: shahbaz_9, Perth Photography Group

Location: Clearwater Beach, Florida

This photograph was taken at Clearwater Beach just hours after stepping off the plane while visiting my parents on a Florida vacation. It happened to be the best sunset of the entire trip. It was truly a magical evening as the sky morphed through several stunning displays and color shifts. However, this photograph captured arguably the most colorful change of the entire show.

Photo Credit: Dan Hurd, Buffalo Photography Group

Location: St Petersburg, Florida

My passion is astro and lowlight photography. I chase the moonrise and moon set in different locations around Tampa Bay The new St Petersburg Pier is an interesting landmark to photograph with the lighting and the people.
Catching the moon low to the horizon makes for nice color and contrast to the sky.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Clemons, Tampa Photography Group
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